Mumbai Goa Cycle Trip: Epilogue

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At times riding through rough terrains, bad roads and steep ghats, you’ll always want that the journey should be over. But when we reached Tiracol, Goa it seemed like – What !? Already there ? It meant that we had no more travelling to do on our cycles enjoying those jokes with Surya, Puru, the good downhill slopes through dense trees, the slow climbs overlooking huge beautiful beaches.. All was over.

When I finally locked my cycle in my building, Even though I had some ruptured skin down my bum, I felt I wanted more.. What would now remain of this whole journey (probably once in a lifetime) was fond memories, discussing events in the office with friends..

Trip in Numbers

  • Distance: ~406km
  • Ghats: 13 normal + 7 BIG ones
  • Cycling Time: ~32 hours
  • Water Rides: 9
  • Cost: ₹ 5500

Photos – Picasaweb

Riders – Ruturaj, Puru, Surya

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