Mumbai Goa Cycle Trip: Planning

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Mumbai – Goa Cycle Trip Itinenary

  1. Sat, Nov 30, to Murud, 80km
  2. Sun, dec 1, to Kelshi (appox.), 90km ?
  3. Mon, dec 2, to guhagar, hedavi, etc , 75km to 90km
  4. Tue, dec 3, to Ratnagiri, 80km,
  5. Wed, dec 4, to padel, 77km
  6. Thu, dec 5, to malvan / tarkarli, 60 ~ 70 km
  7. Fri, dec 6, Local Sindhudurg, Malvan, sightseeing…
  8. Sat, dec 7, to aarambol, GOA, 75km

Map / Route

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  • Lodging / Stay – Appox ₹ (1000 / 3 ) x 8 = ₹ 2700
  • Food
    • ₹100 / meal x 2 x 8 = ₹1600
    • Biscuits, etc – ₹500
  • Water – 4 litres x ₹20 (mineral/bisleri/aquafina) x 8 = ₹640
  • Cycle Accessories
    • Carrier
    • Gel Seat – ₹700
    • Handlebar Ends (सिंगड़ा as the cyclewalla put it) – ₹150
    • Misc – ₹300
  • Return Bus Ticket – ₹ 700


  • Distance : 580 km
  • Costs: ₹8000
  • Hours on cycle: 60hrs+
  • and burning ass …
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25 thoughts on “Mumbai Goa Cycle Trip: Planning”

        1. Hey Prashik,

          I guess mid March would be hot. In Maharashtra, the bes season for touring or traveling is winter. I suggest you go earlier. It would’ve been great if you had managed in Jan or feb, now the temperatures would start rising…

          however, there’s nothing like doing it for the first time. you’ll have the advantage of longer day, in our trip the day light dwindled by 6.30 so we had a short window of traveling.

          Each day has been blogged, you’ll find it under ‘next post’.

  1. Thanks for your reply…….
    We have planed to leave on 14th of march. And we are following the route of yours. there are some doubts in my friends mind if you can plz clear for me.
    1) We all have average stamina. Is it possible for us (we have planned to increase it though, in next one month ).
    2) What is accommodation status on the way. Is it available in every town or at least in between 50-60 km distance.
    3)What is most imp tips you can give us e.g. about thing we should carry or do while trip.
    We are BE engg student this will be our only chance to go together. So plz comment………..

    1. 1. I hope you are not planning such a trip directly out of the blue. Hope u guys have a fairly good idea of what tiredness is 😀 but normal average guy should be good enough.

      2. You don’t worry about accommodation a lot. You’ll find decent enough places to stay, but don’t expect lavish residences. Sometimes you might have to do with a bare minimum guest house.

      3. Important tips. enjoy your trip thoroughly, every climb, cramps, and all. Get a taste of konkan first hand, the meals, the people and most importantly the terrain. at times the ghats may seem too demanding, but just visualize the gust of wind while coming down the hill.

      Its gonna be a trip of your lifetime. Cherish every moment. Keep a fixed schedule of riding, food breaks and most importantly sleep. Try to keep a log of your trip, things you’ve seen, ghats I’ve climbed,time you’ve taken, etc.


  2. ppl I planning Mumbai to goa by cycle in this summer so i wamt ur help. Plz if possible share ur contact no with me. My cell ni. 9833743595.

  3. Hi. Did you face any bicycle break downs? Or any other problem with the cycle? Did you find sufficient help on the way for the same?/

    1. We were fortunate to not have any breakdowns, except a single spoke broke. We were traveling through the villages and towns, a cycle repair shop wouldn’t be hard to find (unless cycle’s tires, tubes are hard to find). We did carry a spare tube for our cycle !

  4. Thanks so much for this. A few friends and I are planning to do this in the last week of the year 🙂 Your guide was invaluable.

  5. Hi Ruturaj,

    We girls are planning to go for a bicycle ride from mumbai to goa … need your guidance on the same…

    1. Hey Frezina,

      Good to hear an all-girl group taking an adventure ride. Let me know what concerns you have on this trip.

  6. Hi , I am planning a mumbai goa bicycle trip in 2018 jan or feb,
    planning a solo as could not find anyone yet, and i also need to buy a cycle , suggestions would be good , if any one like to join in pls let me kw prashant 7506025729

    1. I’d suggest to go for a MTB bike around 15kg, I have a Montra Rock which served the purpose well. My friend had a Firefox hybrid which too rode well, however Mumbai-Goa highway definitely deserves an MTB.

      1. thanks ruturaj for your quick reply ,
        I was planning for a tourer cycle, with slimmer tyres, without shock-ups.
        currently i have a firefox mountain bike , with front and rear shock-ups, which i don’t think will be helpful.

        I even need your advice on bikes with front stock-up, will they be helpful ? and which rim size do you advise.

  7. hey Ruturaj we a group of two cyclists are doing mumbai goa on cycle.We are starting on 1st july 2017.We need your guidance.

    1. I’d suggest NOT to go in July time – As this is the time of incessant rains in Konkan region. I’d suggest end of September perhaps (if rains do get easy on us). Continuous downpour will lead to drenched state riding, which will make 40% of ghat roads even more difficult with all the water weight in the clothes. This would also be accompanied by skin rashes, cold, etc.

      So stay away from months of July and August.

      Happy Riding!

  8. Hi,
    I am Manjunath from Bangalore. Our group is doing this rouye this Oct.
    Thank you for the details.
    Is the route ridable now? Any suggestions will be helpful


    1. This is definitely possible in October, However – Be prepared to face extreme Konkan heat during daytimes.

      Ride safe and best of luck!

  9. Hey Ruturaj,
    I am planning for a cycle trip from pune to goa bt was thinking to cover 100 to 120km per day. Do you think that is feasible on the same route of yours starting from velneshwar? How is the terrain? Is it too hilly? Can i keep this target?
    And regarding return journey- im nt planning a return journey by cycle. What would be convenient option to bring back the cycle with me?

    1. Hey Vibha,

      Sure if you’re regular in cardio related activity, you can keep up to 100km a day. You need to think on the following points

      – every 100/120 km if you can get a decent accommodation
      – Terrain – around 40% of the roads are up and down on this route, I guess your first day is Tamhini ghat
      – From Velneshwar – yes it’s a good scenic route
      – Return – Best is if you load it in Goa -> Pune bus, they might charge ₹150 or something, check with them.

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