Mumbai Kerala Bike Trip: Planning

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24 Nov, 2012

The following is the original draft made by me and JK (in the office 😉 )

  1. Mumbai – Hubli, night halt (day1) 576km (8hrs+) [travelling]
  2. Hubli – Ooty, night halt (587km, day2) (10hrs+) [Mysore is 100km less, about 8hrs] [travelling]
  3. Ooty (day3) [rest]
  4. Ooty – Munnar, night halt (day4, 242km, 5hrs+) [rest + travelling]
  5. Munnar, and around (day 5) [rest]
  6. Kochi, port (day6, 130km, 2.5hrs) [rest + travelling]
  7. Allepely, night halt (day6, 60km, 1hr+) [rest]
  8. Shornour(jk’s home village) (day7, 166km, 3hrs) [rest]
  9. Shornour, and around (day8, ) [rest]
  10. Bhatkal, Karnataka, night halt (day9, via Mangalore, Udipi, 474km, 9hrs) [travelling]
  11. Jog Falls, Gokarna, Karwar, night halt (day10, 84km+150km 4hrs+) [rest + travelling]
  12. South Goa, palolem, agonda, etc, night stay (day11) [roaming + rest]
  13. Panhala, night halt (day12, 300km, 5.5hrs+) [travelling]
  14. Panhala, tour and around (day13, 50kms) [rest]
  15. Mumbai, (day13/14, 397km, 6hrs+) [travelling]

If we see our daily activity as Riding only and Travelling (T), Rest (R), Travelling&Rest (B)


About 5 heavy travelling days, 7 rest and roaming days and 3 roaming + travelling days. So pretty evened out, more of rest + roaming as we would want.


Petrol – 3600km, ₹ 6000 in petrol (assuming 45 kmpl.)
Lodging – 13 days night halt ( appox ₹ 4000 per person, assuming per night appoxx ₹ 1000/3 )
Food – ₹ 1300 (appox 50 per meal x 2 x 13)
Misc – ₹ 1000 (souvenirs, laundry, etc, IF ANY 😉 )
Bike Maintenance – ₹ 2000 (hopefully none, but – engine oil, punctures, but adding an upper side)
TOTAL – appox. ₹ 15,000 (₹ 14300)


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Well the length of the route in the perspective with India’s size looks LONG !


1 Dec, 2012

It seems, Manas wont’ make it. Damn! That leaves just me and JK. Which means the trip might become little expensive for lodging.

The date is now fixed, 10 Dec, 2012. We’ll be visiting the famous Dudhsagar waterfalls as well. I’ll be getting my engine oil changed today, 9 days ahead of trip start.

Medicines / Toiletries

Its best if none of them are ever used, but if wishes were horses…

  • High BP pills (ya thats for me, Hypertension patient)
  • Crocin (Analgesic)
  • Lomofen (Diarrhoea, stomach infections), Domstal, Dompan, Pudin Hara (Stomach aches, problems)
  • Soframycin, some bandages
  • Combiflam (pain killer, anti-inflammatory)
  • Odomos
  • Bathing soap
  • Washing soap (ya, have to do our own laundry!)
  • Toothpaste, toothbrush
  • Shaving kit


  • Bike PUC
  • Bike Insurance
  • Phone Charger
  • Bungee Chords
  • Map, Itinerary printouts
  • Paper, Pen (For all misc blog writups, spending log, etc, notes)


3 Dec, 2012

Manas is finally making it. 🙂 But we’ll have to cut off Gokarna, South Goa, etc. Thats not bad, we could make that as a separate trip with Dudhsagar falls, etc.


6 Dec, 2012

Just a day to go by and we’ll be on our motorbikes, Honda Unicorn (me), R-15 2.0 (Manas) and FZ-S (JK). All adding up to 450cc lesser than my and JK’s recently researched dream machine – Ninja 650 R 😀

Late night, putting my last moment requirements around the saddle bag. My Saddle Bag #1 is almost full with clothes and toiletries. I got that this saddle bag from Manas’ friend.

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4 thoughts on “Mumbai Kerala Bike Trip: Planning”

  1. Dear friend,
    I am planning to go to Thrissur from Mumbai by car drive along with my wife who is having a bad back. I would like to know the best route. I do not mind travelling more miles but the road should be good as she will not be able to take bad road.
    I have been searching many sites but nowhere I can get a clear picture.Please help

    1. Hey,

      You should take the NH4 route – via Tumkur –
      I’ve just come back from that route, there should be only about 5-10kms of bad road (which was actually under relayering). This route has hilly regions, so expect mountaineous road.

      If you want to avoid mountain roads as well, take this road – It goes via Salem, but has no steep mountain ranges. This route has only NH so expect v. good wide roads.


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