Murud, Diveagar, Shrivardhan beaches on 2 wheels

27, 28, October 2012.

A bike ride to Murud with JK and Surya visiting some of the most beautiful and picturesque coastlines in India. Starting with Alibag, Kashid, Murud, V Beach (Murud), Diveagar, Aravi and its hilly road overseeing the beach
and finally Shrivardhan.


  1. Mumbai to Alibag (via Pen, Vadkhal)
  2. Alibag to Kashid
  3. Kashid to Murud.
  4. Murud to Dighi (via a ferry: Rajapuri Jetty to Dighi Jetty)
  5. Dighi to Diveagar
  6. Diveagar to Shrivardhan
  7. Shrivardhan to Mangaon (NH 17 junction via the long Mhasala ghat)
  8. Mangaon to Mumbai

8 thoughts on “Murud, Diveagar, Shrivardhan beaches on 2 wheels”

  1. hi.. my native place is shriwardhan. I want to go shriwardhan by jetty(ferry). I have been to my village many times by bus,car and bike but i have never been through ferry… do you know the proper route by ferry? do we have ferry services from Gateway? i also know that ferry doesn’t go up to Shriwadhan. It stops at Dighi. From Dighi my village is not that far.. hardly 1 hr by bike..

    1. I’ve heard that there are ferry services from भाऊचा धक्का or “Ferry Wharf” near Mazgaon which takes passengers all the way to Rewdanda. I’ve never heard of direct services to Shrivardhan though.

  2. Can u confirm Whether the Ferry boats (carrying to wheelers) are available from Dighi(Harihareshwar) to Alibaug ?

    1. Boats / Ferry services are available between Dighi and Janjira (Murud) jetty. I don’t know about Dighi and Alibaug.

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