Kerala Bike Trip: Epilogue

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The Final Route

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  1. Mumbai – Chitradurga, night halt (day1) 790km (15hrs+) [travelling]
  2. Chitradurga – Ooty, night halt (383km, day2) (8hrs+)[travelling]
  3. Ooty (day3) [rest]
  4. Ooty – Munnar, night halt (day4, 242km, 5hrs+) [rest + travelling]
  5. Munnar, Kochi and Alleppey  (day 5) [rest]
  6. Alleppey, night halt (day6, 60km, 1hr+) [rest]
  7. Thiruvilwamala (jk’s home village) (day7, 166km, 3hrs) [rest]
  8. Thiruvilwamala, and around (day8, ) [rest]
  9. Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu night halt (day 9) [travelling]
  10. Belgaum, Karnataka night halt (day 10) [travelling]
  11. Mumbai (day 11) [travelling]

Stupid Numbers

  • Total days – 11
  • Border Crossings – 6
  • States Travelled – 4 (Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala)
  • Distance travelled – 3,357 km
  • Hours on Bike – 81 hours (3 days , 7 hours)
  • Max. Elevation above sea level – 2,637m (Doddabetta Peak)
  • Min. Elevation below sea level – -16m (Alappuzha backwaters)
  • Petrol Cost – ₹5800
  • Total Cost of Trip – ₹ 13,000 (including petrol)
  • Memories for Life – Endless
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8 thoughts on “Kerala Bike Trip: Epilogue”

  1. If you are not of the ‘lavish lifestyle’ types… then its not at all difficult. Just fix your daily destination, ensure its relatively a small town and you will find hotels, lodges, etc.. For crux days.. we were even ready to have a nap at the petrol pumps… 😀

    Generally speaking the more time you spend on the roads as opposed to hotels… the more you’ll eventful and lovely your trip would be..

  2. Hi Ruturaj,
    I am planning a solo bike ride for Mumbai-Munnar-Mumbai in April on my R15v1. I will seek your guidance for the same. Your blog is of great help.

        1. Hey Mandar,

          There are many online forums like and that’ll give you detailed info on your query.

          I generally have every 2 / 3 month service-check for my bike and one after a long journey if any.

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