Gwalior’s Esteemed Ladies

Rani Kunti
Maternal Aunt of Lord Shri Krishna and glorious mother of the brave pandavs queen Kunti was born in Kotwar district. Morena which is 35 K. Ms. from Gwlior. It is a historic fact. With ups and downs of life, disciplined marching, dutiful Kunti led her life steadily and easily on the path of duty. SHe had prayed to god that all the problems of the world may befall on her. Her devoted feelings towards god are worthy of praise. Such a great and devoted woman is an asset to increase the glory of any country.

It is natural to remember Suryavanshi Maharani of the historic village of Kotwar of Morena district of whose glory the artistic Kakanmath temples even today speak and attract us as a symbol of her greatness. Every year many visitors reach there to visit its praiseworthy architect. Kotwar, Kakanmath, Sinhonia, Padavli, Gohad, Devgarh, Aisah etc, the famous quiet village s of northern India nearby Gwalior are shrined in their innerself the great messages of life sketches of great men. It is only 60 K. Ms. away from Gwalior; and is only 25 K. Ms. away from Morena Hd. Qr. You just can’t be without joy after having seen it.

The Narwar Fort in historic old town situated speaks several messages of its achievements. of the many messages given by it one message was given by Maharani Damyanti beloved queen of famous Ruler Nal. Even during the period of adversity, bearing meseries herself like courageous Sita;by presenting vitals alike, this maharani of suryavansh with her husband, hadbeen like an idol of love and tolerance and lastly by her intelligence and skills she could notonly get her husband but also in getting glorious big Narwar state again.

The name of Maharaja Man Singh of Tomar dynasty has been foremost in historic bravery, foresightedness, and guardian of art and culture. By marrying powerful Gujar girl of village Raj and giving her status of Maharani, he notonly showed the ability of adjudging quality but also set an example of progressiveness Mrignayani on becoming Maharani of Gwalior enhanced the glory of Gwalior by her great deeds. Art of Man Mandir and GujriMahal are pride of Gwalior but with the help of Mrignayani and Mansingh the magnificant development of the art of music innovated by them to whole of the country, only by remembrance the people of Gwlior feel proud of it. she was the source of inspiration to the great musicians like Tansen and Baiju Bawra. The period of 1486 to 1516of the history of Gwlior is called an everlasting period for development of art.

The first founder of the scindia dynasty, Madhav Rao Scindia known as Mahadji Scindia was a great soldier, stateman and foresighted rular of his period. His wife Maharani Ganga Bai whose statue and temple is in Gangapur was in forefont in playing role of diplomacy and bringing unity amongst the then rulers Maharaja, Kushwah of Jaipur and Maharana Sisodia of Udaipur who were at their toes for war and by becoming their sister and tying Rakhi achieved great success in bringing mutual good will; and while she was coming back to Gwalior from Gangapur she fell ill and passed away, it was a great loss to the country. Even today she is an inspiration for the people at large and is respected as a goddess.

Maharani Baija Shiba the queen of late Maharaja Daulat Rao Scindia is being remembered as famous and active maharani of Scingia dynasty. She was born in 1787 at kolahpur in the family of Tulkoji Rao Sakharam Bapu Sahib Ghade and in 1798 at the age of 11 She was married and became Maharani . Unfortunately she had to face deadly separation of her husband but she stood fast duty bound and began to direct the affairs of the state. At theage of only 16 years she had to fight an armed battle against Britishers in 1803. She herself directed the battle by riding over his horse back and carrying a spear in her hand. She won the battle and in 1805 the britishers had to enter into a treaty with her.

Ganna Begum
She was helpful to Maharaj Mahadji Scindia in his political life Ganna begum whom we remember with regards to an aristocrate race of Iran and Indian blood Ganna Begum was the queen of beauty. Her wrecked and uncared tomb is 25 K. Ms. away from Gwalior on Morena road near Noorabad. Ganna begam used to work as personal clerk of Maharaja Mahadji Scindia in disguise by bearing the name if Ganna singh and sacrificed her life. SHe notonly gave political advice but also saved the life of Maharaja from difficulties and conspiracy. By her attempts her life ended at the hands of enemies her life History is an example of patriotism. Today her tomb is lost under the darkness with noname to it; and is sufficiently in bad condition.

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