FIFA 99 Tips and Tricks

My Personal Tricks

Always use the Stepover Nutmeg move (ALT + E), This will almost ensure you getting past the defender or the opponent.

For the corner try to curl the ball in with maximum force. And try kicking it into the net, most of the time you should find your striker grabbing the ball and putting it in the backside of the netting.

If you are trying to give a cross for a header, try giving it just from the outside of the corner of the D, The header should be succesful if the striker is good at it.

There is no shortcut to hardwork, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, …

These tips were published by EA Sports themselves

For the novice player, make sure that you keep the game speed at normal and the difficulty setting at Amateur. It is a lot easier to learn how to use the various special moves and general gameplay with these settings.

Be aware of different pressure zones on the field. If you want to build up slowly you’ll have plenty of room in your own third. You’ll have to utilise your midfield to support the forwards as opposing defenders tightly mark them.

Players who hold onto the ball tend to get closed down faster than those that pass the ball.

Don’t try and madly smash buttons, as this tends to trigger events you don’t want. Being cool and deliberate always yields the best results.

One time passes are good for moving the ball up the field quickly, and do not allow the opposition to have enough time to setup tackles.

Make use of through passes to strikers/midfielders in order to create breakaway situations. The through pass is one of the most effective ways to get into a breakaway situation.

When moving the ball up field using one of your forward players, try passing back to one of your midfielders in order to give your forwards some extra space. This will allow you to relieve some defending pressure on your forwards.

When the opposing team is on a breakaway, the new goalie charge feature is an effective method of stopping the attack. Trigger it while the goalie is still off screen to gain the element of surprise.

Be aware of star players on the opposing team, they are likely to be the ones to do damage.

Try probing the wings and the centre channel to see where the areas of least resistance are.

If the opponent does make it close to your box you are best off to use standing tackles as these are less likely to give away dangerous free-kicks or penalties.

Do not try to run the ball too close to the goal keeper. The goal keeper in FIFA ’99 can read your intentions and rush you if you get too close.

When on a breakaway situation, try using the hurdle move to evade the diving goal keeper.
Use the skill moves to anticipate and avoid impending tackles. Certain skill moves are more effective at avoiding certain types of tackles (see below).

Try using various tackles to counteract special moves. For example, someone performing a Hurdle move can be countered with the Conservative Tackle.

In Multi-player, try sticking with one player instead of trying to constantly switch to different players. The computer will give you possession of the ball if it is passed off to one of your teammate whether you are in control of that player or not. Also, it is best to switch players when possession of the ball changes hands.

You should try and get a shot away without trying to beat every defender. The goalie can’t hold everything and rebounds are often the easiest source of goals.

It’s easier to score if you use the goalie’s momentum against him. Take a look at the keeper’s position and the direction he’s moving in. Try and target your shots to the side that the keeper is moving away from.

If you are close to goal and there are no pass targets you can tap the X button to side foot one into the corner of the net.

If you are close to goal and there are no pass targets you can tap the Square button to attempt a chip shot.

Players can recover from fatigue at half time. You should check your fatigue levels so tired defenders don’t get burned.

In PROFESSIONAL MODE, turn the aggression all the way up if you like the CPU team mates to do slide tackles more often.

If you see an injury be sure to substitute as soon as possible. It is often advantageous to kick the ball off yourself so the sub can take place.

Look for visual indicators – Often in closer cameras your team mates are off screen. Check the direction of the off screen indicator as this is a signal one of your players is available to pass to.

Your CPU opponent will try several strategies to crack your defence so you should adapt your formation and strategy accordingly using the IGM Strategy feature.

If someone is right on your heels you’re better off to pass the ball in the direction you’re facing than try to pass to someone in another direction.

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