60 km of bicycle ride through nothern Mumbai

May 18, 2013

The ride that started off from relatively clean smelling areas of Mumbai, Khar, Andheri, etc.. It started stinking (fish, drying prawns, etc) till we reached Goregaon. And by the time we reached Marve, we thought we were already used to the bad stench. The pass-through from Marve to Madh was the worst of all. Me and Surya thought we were gonna throw up.

Even though as it might suggest, the ride itself was not bad. Literally enjoying the sights, smell and sounds of the local life. Most of the route was well paved (tar – luckily) and was an absolute joy to pedal along the hills.


  • Rutu (Montra Rock)
  • Surya (Firefox Pro-Runner)
  • Swapnil (RockRider)
  • विनय और पुरू ने हमे टांग दी

Time: 0430 – 1015 (6 hrs appox)


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