Swimming in Cold Weather

Mumbai has been cooler since a few weeks, the mercury dropping around 12 °C. Swimming in the morning takes some effort and during such temperatures…

You get in the bathroom for your pre-swim shower, your body is already contracted while walking, hands close to the chest, the head ducked inside the collar bones. And you see the dreaded shower faucet. Inevitably your hand moves and you start it..

Aaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhh….. !!! Urrrrrgrgggggghhhhh … uuurrrggghhh… uurrgh !!

Involuntarily you let out that shout! You somehow endure it and walk to the pool, Calmly washing your goggles showing its just a normal routine, trying to hide the anxiety of the next hit of mother nature.

You stretch a little and dive…

uugghh…. !!

This time the throat too could give out just that much. The thing that hits you is nothing but glacial meltdown, nothing less. I know its bit too much to call it that, but thats what u feel. You contract every possible muscle in your body, wonder if there could be  a warmer current where you could head to. But the cold water gives you a warm welcome !

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