Spawning popup windows in Firefox

New browsers like Firefox(my fav.), IE 7 are very intelligent, they will not allow the standard popup of window.onload or standard…

<body onload="load_popup()">

They have decent pop-up blockers, which we want to escape.

The new browsers, will consider it a spammed popup, and will kill it before its spawned. They will only create a popup if there is user interaction, as you can see, window.onload and body’s onload is not user interaction.

So, how should my advertiser’s pop-up be displayed? What user interaction should I wait before I get my popup?

There is a trick, you users must have crossed by but may be you have not identified it. You can pop a window on any user interaction, and such a action is not considered as spam pop by Firefox.

What we do is add an EventListener to a particular piece of content, which u are sure that the visitor is going to read. Browsing habits state that most user often keep clicking and selecting a particular text which they are reading. And that is our exact target.

Let us consider within our page, we’ve got a div with id named as “article”. What we’ll do is add a click event Listner to it.

<div id="article">

<script type="text/javascript">
function make_popup() {
  // open any popup window you want.
  url = "";, "popwindow", "width=550,height=300,status=0,directories=0");

aid = document.getElementById("article");
aid.addEventListener("click", make_popup, false);
// Adds a click event for div tag with id article
// Which spawns the popup.

Click here to check if popup loads….

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