MySQL makes community server edition difficult to find and download!

Read this post today, And I was amazed to find that on it was so hard to download the community version of MySQL Server.

On the home page, could see links for

  • Enterprise Products
  • Resources
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • News and Events

Couldn’t find a link for Community Server Download or something similar, I’ve been working with MySQL for over 5 yrs, I know that the downloads and most of the useful stuff for open source devs like me is on The Developer Zone hosts the following for us

  • Community Server Downloads
  • Documentation (which keeps changing its links)
  • Articles
  • Forums
  • Beginner articles
  • MySQL forge
  • … and much more

I’m really surprised and ashamed of this MySQL’s or Ora@#$’s move to hide such a widely used link.

I’ve done my part in adding rel='nofollow' attribute to

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