Live – Selling the drama guitar tabs

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I heard this song recently by Live and found it interesting if it could be played on a Guitar. Here is what I’ve managed.

Tuning: E standard, Capo on 1st fret

// Initial Tab played on 6th or the base E string
E |-6b--6-4-2--|
When u bend on the 6th fret, bend hard a full half note.
And return and play 6th fret again with 4 and 2 in quick succession.

And to love: a god
C              F
And to fear: a flame
C              F
And to burn a crowd that a name
Dm             F           C

And to right or wrong
C               F
And to meek or strong
C              F
It is known, just screem it from the wall
Dm                  F                C

Ive willed, Ive walked, Ive read
C               F           C
Ive talked, I know, I know,
    F       C       C
Ive been here before
C             G


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