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An acoustic guitar has 6 strings, hence the “6 string” 🙂
It starts from the E string (this is the string with the lowest pitch, or lowest frequency note), then the A string, followed by the D, G, B strings. And the last one is the e string. This one is the string with the highest pitch. This e sting produces the “E” note of the next octave begining from the base E string.

Scales and Chords in Scale of C

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We’ll now play the scale of C, The major scale of C has no sharp or flat notes, it has plain notes. The notes in scale of C are C, D, E, F, G, A, B

In any scale the 3rd and 4th note are separate by half note and same goes with the 7th and 8th note.
So when incrementing the frets, whiel playing the 4th note, just increment the 3rd note by 1 fret.

Let us play them in this fashion.

Papa Kehte Hain

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This is the famous hindi song, It has a standard and a wonderful strumming pattern that one must know.

Key Signature: C Major Scale
Time Signature: 4/4

| C | Am | F | G | x2
| C | % | Am | % | F | % | G | % |

The “x2” play the whole line twice
The “%” symbol means that play the chord twice.

Rhythm (Strumming Pattern)

1&  2&  3&  4&
?   ?V rest V?V

So it goes like
Down, Down-Up, Rest, Up-Down-Up…Down, Down-Up, Rest, Up-Down-Up…and on…