FIFA 2001 Tips and Tricks

Get some great tips to play FIFA 2001

The Formation

The Fifa 2001 defence is a strong one and normally doesn’t let you inside the area, To tackle that proper formation is required. The image shown along side is the formation of 4-4-2 with the flanks move up and down the pitch. This strategy is found the most suitable if you want to give a cross from wide. The flanks move up and down pretty neatly. To move them ahead, the forwards should wait for a second allow the flanks to come up and then give a through pass to them. The through pass is very necessary as it allows the player to make space for himself.

The Strategy
The strategy will develop your game plan how you want to move ahead and defend. This is very much complementry to the formation. The possesion style will help to keep the possesion of the ball while attacking, This is the most vulnerable time when you lose the possesion. While defensive mode, the pressure style is useful as it will help to move the ball up the field. The possesion style should not be kept while defending as it will lead to the ball being in your half and a possibility of losing possesion in your half which is dangerous.

While defending the offside trap should be kept by pressing ALT once. This will help to move all the defenders towards the half line and not letting the forwards of the other team to creep through. But this offside trap should be kept only if you are capable of breaking a run from the opposite forward and if you know your team’s defensive capabilities.

The normal TELE camera in the FIFA 2001 game is too very close to judge the other player’s postion. Hence the settings shown in the figure should optimize the game play as you are aware of the positions of your teammates.

Free kicks
Taking free kicks is quite difficult in this game, but once you get hold of it, bingo!! you can certainly master those.
If the free kick obtained is close to the D line then only one should attempt to curl the ball straight into the net. Or else he should try the ball passing to the players in the D. If the free kick that is obtained to the left of the net as in the image, then try to curl the ball to the left, as there is more space for the ball to go and greater probability of hitting the target. Well if you are a master you can certainly try to curl the ball through the left to right direction as chances are you’ll miss the target. Now for the directioning of the curve. Curl the ball as most as possible as it should move away from the keeper. Now by moving the direction keys take the center of the arrow just after the second defender (See the adjoining image). Be careful in doing that as if you move the ball away too much, Then the ball would definitely hit the wall. Then move the curve little downwards from the original height. This shall help to keep the ball down if extra force is applied. After that it is time to power your shot,The power should be the maximum as ball will travel at a greater speed. But be careful that the power indicator should be green only, If dark red appears the ball will definitely go away from the goal. Relax before hitting, Think and Shoot.

Movement on the pitch
The movement on the pitch should be definate and steady, Dont just try to pass directly to the forwards, try to move the ball to the flanks and then try getting the ball in from a cross. I have noticed that if a cross is given just around the D corner, and if the forward is made to hit a bicycle kick or a volley the chances are that ball will end up in the back of net are very high.

Defending is something that you need to learn as to prevent the opposite team from scoring. While in the D never ever try to tackle by sliding, If the tackle is from behind you are definitely going to defend a penalty. The best way to defend is to stand and tackle. If outside the D, A sliding tackle will do but be sure that it is not from behind.

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