Tung or Kathingad Fort Trek

Dec 29, 2012

A quick 30 minute climb from the Tung fort’s base to the very top by 9.30pm. Then one of the five elements made us run back to the base. It took less than 15 minutes to be back and into the car.

We spent a lovely night at Lions Point, Tiger Hill. Had food and were back at home next morning by 8.30am.


Tung Trek Dec 2012

Travelling Directions

  1. Take a left from the Expressway for Khandala
  2. Head towards Lonavala and take a turn to Aamby Valley
  3. Take a left at Ghusalkhamb for Tungi (you’ll see boards for Mahindra Resort)
  4. About 10 km from the turn, you’ll see a small board (left turn) for Tung fort


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