KDE 4.4

Just yesterday had an update on Fedora 11 for KDE 4.4. I expected from KDE 4.x legacy that the overall product would be a bit tacky. But opposed to my original thoughts it turned out to be an extremely well polished ‘Desktop’.

The settings were very easy to navigate, with lots of Compiz settings available easily without a lot of ‘extra’ installations as in GNOME. The overall stability of the desktop too was strong. I’m considering to run KDE 4.4 for atleast a week as suggested by one of my sysadmin friends.

This edition reminds me of the good old stable days of KDE 3.x

Redis, Memcached, Tokyo Tyrant and MySQL comparision

I wanted to compare the following DBs, NoSQLs and caching solutions for speed and connections. Tested the following

My test had the following criteria

  • 2 client boxes
  • All clients connecting to the server using Python
  • Used Python’s threads to create concurrency
  • Each thread made 10,000 open-close connections to the server
  • The server was
    • Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz
    • Fedora 10 32bit
    • Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz
    • #1 SMP
    • 1GB RAM
  • Used a md5 as key and a value that was saved
  • Created an index on the key column of the table
  • Each server had SET and GET requests as a different test at same concurrency

Results please !

Fedora 11 on Acer 4736Z

I finally managed to get a new Laptop, Acer 4736Z. I’d to wait before Fedora 11’s download was complete and I could install it.


  • Graphics card works out of the box (1366×768 resolution)
  • Sound is detected well
  • Wireless and bluetooth are working
  • The Web Camera is detected and working well
  • The Brightness control doesn’t work
  • The gsynaptics had to be installed to enable tap on the touchpad

All and all it looks good. Here is a screenshot.

Pulseaudio CPU usage
Great work, Pulseaudio in F11 uses lesser CPU as compared to Fedora 10 Pulse Audio

Fedora 10 Pulse Audio High CPU Usage

Guys using Fedora 10, must’ve seen this problem of Pulseaudio taking high CPU usage. After a lot of tweaking, I came to this. From System -> Preferences -> Hardware -> Sound

Change all the drop downs to ALSA. Just make sure u “Test” and hear the tone before applying the changes.


I’ve done this yum remove pulseaudio. This removes the root cause 🙂