Search Engine Optimization Checklist

Got a site online? and want to make it really SEO Friendly?

Here is a checklist that you need to consider before you put your site live.

SEO Checklist

  • Find keywords and phrases, and try to include them in the title element.
  • Make sure the keywords and phrases occur in the page, But need not overdo its occurance
  • Use meta tags, to define keywords and description
  • Use keywords and phrases in heading elements like h1, h2, ..
  • Try structuring the content, using heading elements instead of changing font-sizes and colors, they can also be applied to headings
  • Do not keep a splash page, I hate it, so do Search Engines
  • The URL should ideally contain keywords related to that page, Apache URL Rewriting
  • Avoid GET parameters to change content of page
  • Avoid using javascript URLs, if you do, remember to add actual hrefs that lead you to that page or similar content
  • Make sure none of the links are created by JavaScript, they should be available in plain HTML
  • Adhering to semantic content, All menu links should ideally go into a list using li
  • Avoid writing CSS inline, keep them in files and call using link href="style.css" ... tag
  • Use semantic markup like em tags for italics and strong for bold text.
  • Try placing the actual content of the page at the begining…, Use CSS to change its position
  • The image tags should ideally have alt attribute that defines the image, inclusion of keywords in it will be helpful
  • The image filename should ideally describe the image

2 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimization Checklist”

  1. Hello Ruturaj,
    In addition to your post I was wondering, There are quite a few new software and search engine optimization solutions and products out there these days. The main focus of them seems to concentrate on getting the best keywords for your site. Some even offer to scan your competitors web site in order to find out which keywords they are using, suggesting that all you have to do is copy them and you too will show up within the top ten listings.
    Keep up the good work

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