Schrödinger’s Cat (Fedora 19) hobbles …

The highly awaited (really ?) Schrödinger’s Cat has managed to walk. Many reviews are out. But for me here it is..

  • Gnome 3.8 is (yet again) memory hogging [Check attached pic]
  • However Gnome 3.8 is getting better, refinements, small tweaks around making it look better, Alas! only if it could consume lesser memory.
  • Gnome Classic – Only feels ‘classic’, It borrows all the good, the bad and the ugly from the gnome-shell. The memory hog continues [check screenshot]. The standard ‘Super’ (Windows) key works just as the gnome-shell, the interface that it paints is just the shell. I don’t know how does it make classic. Atleast memory footprint should’ve been reduced.
  • Developer’s Assistant is new, Lets see how it could actually help developers.
  • gstreamer-ffmpeg didn’t work!!! so I have to rely completely on vlc. there are these gstreamer1-plugins* which are being used. I searched for gstreamer1-ffmpeg, in-vain

I’m sure there is more to it. But as an end desktop-based user, I’m quite unhappy with Gnome and Fedora’s effort. Fedora is bleeding edge, ya.. don’t bleed till you die!

I’ll be checking MATE and Cinnamon as well. I’m sure Cinnamon too would be a hogger.

UPDATE: A complete update helped opening avi, mp4 files in totem.

12% of System RAM !?
12% of System RAM in GNOME-SHELL !?
Even gnome classic has the bad boy gnome-shell running
Even gnome classic has the bad boy gnome-shell running

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