Installing Handbrake on Fedora 19

If you want to install Handbrake via a yum repo, slaanesh has provided us with the rpm packages.

[root@localhost #] wget -O \

[root@localhost#] yum install HandBrake-gui

UPDATE: I’ve replaced the original fedorapeople repo with the new WORKING repo (non fedora hosted) [Jul 27, 2013 07:19 IST]

12 thoughts on “Installing Handbrake on Fedora 19”

  1. A few days ago vanished your repository (HandBrake & cdrtools). Is it a repository no longer be available? When will it work?

    1. Hey, It seems the ‘slaanesh’ has taken down the repository for some reason..! 🙁

      I’ll have to scan more…

      1. My mistake. I thought it was your repository. I wrote to Slaanesh. I’m waiting for his response.

  2. Hello,

    my repository on was cut down by Fedora infrastructure admins because HandBrake contains code with problematic licenses; so I moved everything to a new site.

    Please note that now the HandBrake repository contains also MakeMKV for decrypting encrypted Blue Ray and DVD discs and libdvdcss so you don’t need the extra repository.


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