Ruturaj K. Vartak


Total Experience: 8 years
Skill sets Overview: PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, Memcache, Python, JavaScript, Online Advertising
Current Title: Senior Team Lead
Current Role: Structuring products, optimizing performance, defining algorithms

Work Experience

Hostway Solutions

Mumbai, Mar 2006 – till date

Title: Team Lead, Senior Team Lead

  • Started as a startup, developed a team of developers from just 4 to about 15 PHP Developers and 5 DB Developers. Recruiting, Interviewing is a constant task. Carried over 100+ interviews. Conducted interviews for PHP developers, MySQL developers, UI Developers
  • To design and develop products from the scratch. One-liners from the Business-team were transformed to actual working models
  • Performance tuning and optimization, A lot of time in products’ creation was spent in tuning the application for high query volume and optimized performance. Optimized performance includes load times of APIs, etc in few 100ms. Scientific analysis of load times with performance graphs
  • Study new technologies and implement them. Implementation of Memcache as major performance tool, comparing it with Redis, Tokyo-Tyrant, etc. Performance check of various flavours of MySQL, ie MyISAM vs InnoDB, InnoDB vs. InnoDB Plugin 1.x, Data partitioning of v 5.1.x vs Single file.
  • Building various scripts, Threaded python scripts for MySQL data-gathering, Rsync scripts for syncing code to multiple servers, Small automated build scripts
  • To define and architect the product, taking into consideration various load-balancing situations and pros-cons of available tools / software


  • Intext and Adcloud Advertising

    • Designed product from scratch, right from the raw JavaScript, basic UI of the Ads to complex Algorithms
    • Manage a team of
    • Innovate new features, like multi ad Caching
    • Develop the core algorithms for generating keywords for intext, ad cloud. Designed the algo for generation of keywords based on category of the web pages
  • Search Engine Marketing Tracking
    • A small but dB intensive product to track various SEM campaigns devised to work on the arbitrage model.
    • The code works purely on JavaScript which is to be implemented on the websites
    • Used MySQL v 5.1.x citing the exciting new partitioning features available and its new Events (previously used via cronjobs)
    • Defined the complete DB structure, its summary tables, logging tables with another DB lead.
  • Domain Monetization System
    • Desgined and developed domain monetization system right from scratch
    • Cross checked various OS/Apache configurations for optimum performance and speed benefits
  • Reporting Interfaces
    • Developed various reporting interfaces for above mentioned projects as well for other minor projects
    • Used various Web 2.0 pointers, Ajax, unobtrusive JavaScript, State-maintaining AJAX pages


Mumbai, Apr 2004 – Jan 2006

Title: Software Engineer

  • Develop and code projects and other tasks at hand
  • Design and develop more features for the product.
  • Work with the DB team to develop summary tables out of raw log tables. Design processes to generate hourly stats updates into daily summary/period tables
  • Cross check processes and generated summary output
  • Recruit and interview candidates for the team


  • Domain Monetization System
    • Initially developed the product as per TL and business-lead’s instructions
    • Used Apache and PHP’s optimum configuration settings to attain high performance
    • Designed various DB processes for generation of Summary tables with other DB members
  • HR Employee Time-sheet monitor
    • Developed simple monitor that tracked employees’ timings as per the instructions/features defined by the members
    • Emailed alerts, notification to the HR and the employees depending upon various criteria


Mumbai, Aug 2003 – Jan 2004

Title: ASP, PHP Programmer
Role: Development of various websites

  • Dating Site (PHP, MySQL)

    • Implemented more than 50 tables to store all the information about the user.
    • Integration of the PayPal System, Use of E-Wallet to prevent the constant use of the PayPal System and other pay systems.
    • A detailed and complex administration interface, with multiple administrators with different permissions. The administrator can add, modify and delete various settings for newsletters.
  • ServerCheck Site (ASP, MSSQL 2000)

    • The site comprises of 3 different products, which when purchased gives the facility to check the performance of the existing sites or URLs.
    • Creation of the user interface for fetching all the important URLs and other required data. Generation of detailed reports from the data that is fed into the dB.
    • Creation of Graphs and parsing of information from the record set.

K. S. Aiyar Chartered Accountants

Mumbai, Jul 2003 – to date
Title: Freelance Developer
Role: Creation of the complete website including design. Website contains administration interface where the admin can manage content. Visitors can request for newsletters. Content Management for newsletters, news articles, etc. Optimized for SEO using mod_rewrite module of Apache. Currently its more of offhand

Educational Qualification

  1. Production Engineering, Mumbai University, 2002
  2. Post Dip. CAD & CAM, Fr. Agnel, Bandara, 2003

Contact: ruturaj at gmail dot com

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