my interaction with non-IT savvy friend

Excerpts of my chat with my Engg. college friend, Kapil. Kapil u are a hero to be named on a PageRank: 3 website.

(06:55:55 IST) Ruturaj Vartak: i’m reading a new book
(06:56:03 IST) Ruturaj Vartak: The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown
(06:56:04 IST) kapil: boooooooooooooooooooooooook?
(06:56:09 IST) kapil: r u certain
(06:56:19 IST) Ruturaj Vartak: abe book bolaa bhoot nahi?
(06:56:30 IST) kapil: is about coding?
(06:56:35 IST) Ruturaj Vartak: ! kaan ke saath aankh bhi check karvaale
(06:56:43 IST) kapil: C: AND D:
(06:56:50 IST) kapil: go to end
(06:56:54 IST) kapil: else f1
(06:57:02 IST) Ruturaj Vartak: haan haan
(06:57:08 IST) Ruturaj Vartak: samjhaa how much u enjoy coding
(06:57:16 IST) kapil: i know wait
(06:57:34 IST) kapil: ftp: protocol: query
(06:57:36 IST) kapil: go to end
(06:57:38 IST) kapil: start
(06:57:46 IST) kapil: yes if no
(06:57:50 IST) kapil: back to loop 1
(06:57:53 IST) kapil: woooow
(06:57:56 IST) kapil: how was that

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