Photoshop Chrome Effect

Get the photoshop chrome effect like chrome effect

1. First create a new image with atleast 72 pixel/inch resolution  
2. Now click the channels tab, Click on new channel and then over here
write a letter or text that you want to have the chrome effect. Remeber
that the font or the text must be thick or bold enough to get the
chrome effect.
3. Now drag the alpha1 channel to the new button and
alpha1 copy channel is created. Now go to Filter | Blur menu and select
Gaussian Blur. In this blur the text to such an extent that it is
visible, I used 5.4

Now drag the Alpha1 copy channel to New button
and the Alpha1 copy 2 channel is created. Now Ctrl + Click the Alpha 1
channel, the selection is made. Now inverse select by ‘Ctrl + Shift +
i’. Go to Edit menu and in Fill section select Black. Now press Ctrl +
A to select all the image and save as a file as .psd
5. In the layers tab paste an image which has a chrome effect colors like the one shown
and Put a gaussian blur effect, I used blur of 3.0
6. Click the Filter menu and go to Distort, and
click Glass effect. In the texture selection, select ‘Load Texture’.
Now select the file that we saved initially. The preview will show the
glass distortion, Now I applied distortion 20 and smoothness 9
7. The distortion is applied and now go to channels
tab and Ctrl Click Alpha 1. Inverse select using Ctrl + Shift + i, and
now delete the part

8. Now drag the newly formed chrome layer to new
layer. And to the copied layer apply the Color Dodge and transperency
upto 30% upto your liking. Then to the original chrome layer apply Drop
shadow effect.

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