Irony of Social Networking

Its such an irony today, guys/girls around me are more busy in updating their status and adding friends on online Social Networks than actually meeting those friends and saying ‘hello’ or a ‘bear hug’ gesture in person!

Gmail started with another of the Online Social Networking stuff called Buzz! which would help people to stay in touch through their Gmail interface.

Aren’t there many websites who do it already, Facebook, Orkut, u name it. According to Wikipedia there are about 178 notable and popular such sites! ,List of social networking websites

I have accounts in 3-4 most popular of those Websites. What compels me to write this is a statement of a very good friend of mine who said

Unlike u I’d go to great lengths to meet friends

Thanks for reminding, I’m sorry. And that is not sarcastic.

PS: Such a paradox, this post of mine would be an update in Google Buzz or somewhere else!

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