India @ Cricket World Cup 2007

!!! Shameful.

Not much different from their neighbouring counterparts, whose coach was not even considered to be good enough to live on the planet.

And Mr. Chappell at the press conference, Complete Conference, questioning Round !!! Bang Bang Bang

Over the last 17 matches overseas, India have only played 50 overs on four occasions. Why is that?

We haven’t played well enough.

Thanks, U’re probably highest paid Cricket coach in the world, and this is all the fans get from you.

and some more…

But it’s a period stretching over one and a half years…

We haven’t played well enough, that’s it.

I personally feel, with Wright, the team was much better, I don’t know the real truth, atleast stats say that..

But then, there are 3 lies…

  • Lies…
  • God damn Lies…
  • Statistics

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