Google Browser, gBrowser or Google Chrome

It was there … hanging, if Google was getting into the Browser market, now its almost a reality with Google releasing features of its browser in a comic strip.

Google Chrome comic strip

Baptised as Google Chrome, It has some of these features

Google Chrome Features

  • Each tab is a process
  • Each plugin has its own addres space
  • New JavaScript Engine V8 (Virtualized)
  • Tab is the primary UI (so no tabs in browsers, but browsers in tabs)
  • better autocomplete in the Address bar !! (Firefox 3 ?)
  • Tab page (9 most visited pages, Opera has a similar feature of quick links)
  • A Privacy Tab ! (nothing saved back to browser, readonly)
  • Sanboxing of Tabs’ memory (no reading from other tabs’s process, forget writing)
  • Google Gears in-built

You can enjoy the comic strip here. Or read more.

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