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I’d put some efforts to make scribed logging work with PHP, what I did was follow python’s example script “scribe_cat”. And made a similar PHP Script out of it, I’d to create many PHP scripts out of n number of .thrift files. Anyways I’ve got a working example. Here it is.

 * As found on
        $messages = array();
        $entry = new LogEntry;
        $entry->category = "buckettest";
        $entry->message = "something very interesting happened";
        $messages []= $entry;
        $result = $conn->Log($messages);

$GLOBALS['THRIFT_ROOT'] = './includes';

include_once $GLOBALS['THRIFT_ROOT'] . '/scribe.php';
include_once $GLOBALS['THRIFT_ROOT'] . '/transport/TSocket.php';
include_once $GLOBALS['THRIFT_ROOT'] . '/transport/TFramedTransport.php';
include_once $GLOBALS['THRIFT_ROOT'] . '/protocol/TBinaryProtocol.php';
//include_once '/usr/local/src/releases/scribe-2.0/src/gen-php/scribe.php';

$msg1['category'] = 'keyword';
$msg1['message'] = "This is some message for the category\n";
$msg2['category'] = 'keyword';
$msg2['message'] = "Some other message for the category\n";
$entry1 = new LogEntry($msg1);
$entry2 = new LogEntry($msg2);
$messages = array($entry1, $entry2);

$socket = new TSocket('localhost', 1464, true);
$transport = new TFramedTransport($socket);
$protocol = new TBinaryProtocol($transport, false, false);
$scribe_client = new scribeClient($protocol, $protocol);


You can have as many messages or entries into one log, as I’ve demonstrated or tried above, please change the corresponding scribed’s host and port values. I’ve attached a working file and all the required includes generated by scribe. Except for the above script everything is generated by Scribe/Thrift.

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