Popcorn Time is back!

Popcorn time the one which got banned, barred, you name it. Is Back ! This time with a new website – http://www.time4popcorn.eu/

For Fedora users like me they’ll get an error

$ ./Popcorn-Time
./Popcorn-Time: error while loading shared libraries: libudev.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

They can simply fix it by installing yum install libgudev1. If the package is already present, just make a sym link.

# ln -s /usr/lib64/libgudev-1.0.so.0 /usr/lib64/libudev.so.0

This will work like charm.

Further you can create a desktop file so that the app reflects in your Super key search (GNOME, Unity, etc)

Here is my popcorntime.desktop file

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Popcorn Time
GenericName=Popcorn Time
Comment=Watch movies online
Exec=/home/rutu/apps/Popcorn/Popcorn-Time %U

Create the file in ~/.local/share/applications.

I’ve also created / cropped a logo.

2 thoughts on “Popcorn Time is back!”

  1. But this still does not work for me. I tried to search what version libgudev I have, and it’s the latest from the repositores, ubuntu 16.04, fresh clean install.

    1. Are u sure you downloaded the right version ? ie. x86_64 vs x86 ?
      Try doing this
      ldd /path/to/binary/of/Popcorn-Time. See if you see anything missing.

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