New HTML Version

In Tim Berners-Lee’s Blog entry, Reinventing HTML, It seems W3C failed to implement the new XHTML standard amongst the developers. Thanks to all easy-go browsers, which will not validate tags, attributes, etc… suggests some of the changes required in the new HTML version, I’d say version 5.0. Some of the points mentioned are.

  • New attributes that will make forms easier to validate: required for input, textarea, and select elements, maxlength for textarea elements.
  • The reappearance of the start and value attributes for ol and li elements respectively.
  • Stricter, XHTML-like syntax: make lowercase required for all element and attribute names, make quoted attribute values required, require all end tags that are currently optional.

Changes required for HTML v 5.0

  • Browsers shouldn’t render anything if there is any major error in Document, or atleast give a warning
  • Direct Form validation support: no need of Javascript for trivial validations
  • A “TABLE” like tag that works as well as “TABLE” for layout and positioning, Developers are sick of making CSS work for all browsers

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