Konkan Trip

I’d been to a Konkan trip with my CD 100 mama, Mohan mama

Here is a short summary of my travel
21 Mar, Fri 12.00pm: Start from Khar (Mumbai)
2.45pm: Alibaug
3.55pm: Chaul (Village with 365 temples and 365 ponds) beach
6.00pm: Murud (Stay @ Murud with a lovely bath in the cold well water from the pump!)

22 Mar, Sat 8.30am: Left Murud for Janjira/Rajpuri
10.30am: Took a launch for Dighi (saved 100km travelling for Shriwardhan!!!)
11.00am: Dighi
11.30am: Dive Agar Beach, Got tanned !!! tongue
12.15pm: Off to Shirwardhan via lovely Aravi Beach
1.30 – 2.00 pm: Shirwardhan
3.00pm: off to Harihareshwar
4.00pm: Harihareshwar temple
5.00pm: Off to Mahad (for next day trip to Mahableshwar)
6.30pm: Lonere break (19km before Mahad), Thanks to heavy lashing rains
8.00pm: Still rains, Decided to halt at Lonere, Mahableshwar plan cancelled!!! 🙁

23 Mar, Sun 7.30am: Off to Raigad from Lonere
8.30am: Raigad base, then off to the top with Rope Way !!!!
9.30am: Top of Raigad
11.45am: Rope way takes us back from the top of Raigad
6.30pm: My Home!!! 🙂

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