Javascript Docs – Here we come

A new campaign has started – Promoting JavaScript Documentation, Promote JS.

One of the things that echoed my thoughts about JavaScript were these

This is the first impression of JS by the general masses who are coming to this language and once you see this, you can see why people consider it a “toy language” and understand how so much bad code and disdain can exist for JS. We have hidden the better tutorials, learnings, and documentations away from ourselves AND more to the point, those trying to learn this language. New entrants struggle to learn JS, but eventually just adopt what they know from PHP, Java, Perl, Python and Ruby to a close approximation of runnable code that suffices. They then publish it back out, proud of what they have done, and continue to perpetuate this plague of improper JS coding.

The aim of the campaign is

  • Improve JavaScript Documentation
  • Add more back links to current MDN / MDC documentation. So that a search terms like “JavaScript” gets MDN’s link as #1 reference instead of Wikipedia


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