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  1. I am surprised how the choice of ladies can match sooo much for two persons…you really have created collection of my choice..searching for yelena reached yr site..and its all wonderfull. Nice job you have!!! great site…

    1. dear rutu dada
      here i am sending my best wishes to you
      infact always you have been a good inspier .
      any way
      please add the photo of your nanaji

      also i am very much intrested in giving you a type matter about


      but the matter i have is in details so the need of the hour is to creat anew link named “aalijah bahadur”

    2. A really good job man..jus saw the effort u have taken on it..a lot of RnD before u must have done it..I didnt knw u had one until i got a link to it..anyways keep the good work on..liked the RSS info u put up..keep the good work on..cheers! 🙂

    3. Dear Ruturaj,

      Have you registered for the 5th edition of NECC NEF Enduro3, the adventure race on the 10th and 11th February 2007? (

      If not please get in touch at: +91-9823412123.

      Great Homepage! You are a superblogger 🙂 Am truly inspired to bring to life my Comatose blog 😉

      Neeraj Gangal
      National Education Foundation
      # 9823412123

    4. Ritu, i thought u to be a kid but u r genius man! good site, good pictures keep it up. All the best to you for u r future. U will be a shining star one day.

      Love n luck

    5. Hi Ruturaj,
      I think I met you in past. Anyways nice blogging about trekking. I also love to do trekking. And yes, i’m part of Internet industry.
      Nice to see you on Internet.

      – Jignesh

  2. Hi dude, I am a friend of Siddarth and we are sitting back here in Coventry, the UK. He has shown me your website and I am really impressed. Have to admit that I dont know a lot about all this stuff… hey, and you have chosen some really cute gals for the gallery

    1. Nice Site, I really liked, it is time when we all start promoting the Hindi language on the web now..

    2. hi me 2 ruturaj from mumbai,m a physiotherapist serving the society with my skills in reducing their 2 see the name flashing high .congrats on becoming the top site my best wish r wth keep in touch

  3. hi!i want to congratulate u on the achievements u gained,this yr. i hope u have caliber to grab rank -1.keepit up. wanna be my friend ,reply me as soon as possible .

  4. salam sania mirza i m ahmed shah khan khan frm assam i really appreaciate u sania pliz call me at 03774-277478 n pliz give a chance to call u pliz sania

  5. badiya badiya bhai bot badiya! dude enuf of anna, put some pics of our steaming sania. keep up da good work!!

    1. I love your site, you cover everything, thanks for the tennis pics, they are great, how did you ever get your hands on those. Were you there? Thanks for the site, it is a gift.

    2. Hello sir
      I read your travel diary and ur website is awesome.
      I wanted to ask u something but could not find ur email anywhere on the website, hence i am posting here, sorry if its the wrong place to do so.

      I learnt that u had ur trek booked through Himalayan sherpa. I am from mumbai and doing tapovan gangotri trek with my friend. I have contacted himalayan sherpa through refernce to do the arrangements. Before doing the arrangements, i would ike to know about his services. are they good cause i do not want any porters squabbling in middle of my trek
      his amt seems resonable from uttarkashi to uttarkashi he is quoting 3000 per person for 4 of us
      our route is
      1>uttarkashi -gangotri
      2>gangotri stay
      3>gangotri gomukh
      4>gomukh tapovan stay
      5>tapovan stay
      6>tapovan gangotri

      hope u can revert back soon sir

      1. Wow,i just found Priyanka Chopras Winamp Skin from your site and it is GREAT!! I really want to ask you to make more skin about her!

    3. Hi Rutu.
      I was so glad to find you and your site. I am Rooturaj Pattanaik, Programmer and Internet Marketer from Delhi. Loved your site. I work for a travel company so I share your enthusiasm for travel as well.

      Keep up the good job and stay in touch.

    4. Dear Devotees


      For Booking of Rooms Contact: +919310090332, + 91(11) 46599999 (100 lines)

      Vrindavan Ashram:
      Shri Ram Sharnam Ashram
      Parikrama Marg, Raman Reti,
      Opp. Radhey Shyam Kuan,
      Vrindavan-281121, Dist. Mathura, U.P. India
      Tele: +91 (565) 2540191

      Haridwar Ashram:
      Shri Ram Sharnam Ashram
      511-A, Sapta Sarovar Marg,
      Bhupatwala, Haridwar, India
      Tele: +91 (1334) 260741

    5. Hey by the way your write up on Dodital was interesting.

      I had been on a trip to Uttaranchal last year though had plans to do the Dodital trk couldnt manage….had gone to dayara Bhugyalin Barsu…

      Its a beautiful land isn’t it


    6. Hi….love the Flamingo pics of U’r mahul trip in 2008……can U tell me how to get to the place where we can get in the small boat to go take pics….cos I went to the Sewri mud flats and from the Jetty the birds r just too far to shoot even with a 300mm lens…..most of Ur pics r in a 72mm range so the birds were realyy close….lookin fwd to hearin from U …call me on 9820012547 would love to discuss the same

    7. good blogs on trek….want to travel to gangotri and yamnotri pl guide…my email id is now with u thanks buddy

  6. Hey Rutu, finally i get time to check out something i have always wanted to see. Hey do add some more pics. i got a new canon digital camera, keep in touch

  7. If u r putting up wall paper make it a nice one it is not fitting in to my cmop.Make it a point. Any way it is THE BEST personal site I have seen.

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