VirtualHosts little bit more…

You can make a domain run on a different port than 80, which is the default port of HTTP, in the previous examples of VirtualHost Configurations, I’ven’t specified the port, which implicitly is 80.

If you want to run the website on a different port, you need to make sure Apache is listning on that port. To do that, you set a directive Listen

Listen 8080

Alternatively you can also specify the IP on which it should listen.


Now if you want to run a Name-based VirtualHost on a specific, you make sure that you set the NameVirtualHost directive to a specific port as well.


Once you’ve set the NameVirtualHost, you need to set the actual VirtualHost configuration as well.
there is just once change to be made…


Important: You should note that all the domains,,,, should always resolve an IP address on which NameVirtualHost is defined. Without which, the configuration does not make any sense.

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