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Winamp Skin Tutorial

Welcome to the world of skinning for the greatest mp3 software of all the ages.!!
It is none other than W I N A M P

Here are the steps for the skinning

  1. The first step is to check if you have the following files and the softwares
    1. Winamp (obviously, to test your skin)
    2. The winamp base skin.Download it here
    3. There is a skinner atlas, which I have not made.. but It is very useful for those who are skinning for the first time.Skinner Atlas [Download!]
    4. Adobe photshop or other image editing software. I recomend Adobe or Corel will do. Paintbrush sorry! A low-level software.
    5. I recommend that you should now the usage of such softwares, usage of effects, layers, masks, etc.
    6. A skinning software shareware should do, It would definately speed up the work.
    7. An icon editor (eg. Microangelo, you can download from, If you want to make cool cursors and get a Five rating on the

  2. The next step is to know what the files in the winamp base
    skin mean. Here is the meaning of the following files. I have included
    only the .bmp for the cursors, MAIL ME.

    • avs.bmp: the skin for the visualization(avs) window.
    • balance.bmp: the skin for the balance(speaker) block.
    • cbuttons.bmp: The buttons of the main window.
    • eq_ex.bmp: equalizer title skin in windows shade mode.
    • eqmain.bmp: The main skin for the equalizer.
    • main.bmp: The main skin for the main window.
    • mb.bmp: The winamp browser window skin.
    • monoster.bmp: The skin for the mono and stereo part.
    • numbers.bmp: The numbers used.
    • playpaus.bmp: The play and pause skin of the main window.
    • pledit.bmp: The main skin for the playlist.
    • posbar.bmp: The position bar of the volume.
    • shufrep.bmp: The skin for the shuffle and repeat buttons.
    • text.bmp: The text used in winamp.
    • titlebar.bmp: Title bars of main, equalizer and playlist window.
    • volume.bmp: The skin for the volume part.
    • pledit.txt: The color settings for the playlist
    • viscolor.txt: The color settings for the visualization

  3. The next thing is to edit the main window (main.bmp). To do
    this open the main.bmp of the original skin in the Adobe Photoshop
    (AP), and create a new layer on it. And paste the image to skined on
    the new layer. Move the new layer so that the main part of the image is
    on the right side. and then make necessary additions to the layer (eg.
    effects etc.) and make the original layer transpernt by clicking on the
    eye part of the layer window. And then save the file as main.bmp in
    some folder (make a different folder for the skin). I also suggest that
    you save the MAIN file in the photoshop (.psd) or corel (.cpt) format
    as well for the further corrections (This is sure must if you are not
    Justin Frankel(Winamp developer).

  4. Make the other files in a similar fashion using the layers and
    overlaying them is the best technique, atleast I think that. Please be
    patient as it is very difficult to understand and proceed if you are a
    first timer.

  5. The skinning of the volume.bmp, balance.bmp, posbar.bmp,
    shufrep.bmp, text.bmp and numbers.bmp is pretty difficult. I agree 🙁
    . I recommend you download some skinner and it should help you with
    this for the main window skinning.

  6. Next comes the editing of the text files. The pledit.txt
    contains the headings and the color used for that settings. The
    viscolor.txt gives all the colors to the visulaization.

  7. If you are really a freak, you can use the software like microangelo to change the cursors as well.
  8. The last step is to publish the skin at the

Winamp Skins

See how I made these skins, Winamp Skin Tutorial

Priyanka Chopra Skin
This is my latest skin and I think that this is the best one that has come out of me

I was just browsing through some of this beauty’s snaps when, i came acrros the idea of developing a skin for her. And for any of those who don’t know… Priyanka Chopra has won the Miss World 2000 crown

Priyanka Chopra skin

Elizabeth Hurley Skin
This is my first skin and is given a 4½ rating by, which I think is pretty decent for the first work.
This skin was developed using a software called ‘Skinner’ which was a shareware software and could only develop the main window. Rest of the work of making buttons and other such stuff was mine using Adobe photoshop.

This skin took me about a week to develop, The initial stages of the work were disastrous, The skin was no. 1 from the hell, her (Elizabeth Hurley) hands were way apart from her body and all such stuff. I had almost given up the idea of making a skin and thought that skin was not my part of work… But I was determined to make a decent skin as the skins on the, were just made by some software and didn’t appeal to the eye. As you see I finished my work and found it pleasing.

Elizabeth Hurley skin
Martina Hingis Skin

This is my fourth skin. This skin took me about a couple of days to develop.

I was really inspired by some of her beautiful Adidas Ads, and there it is …

Martina Hingis skin
Barbara Schett Skin

Well here is another skin of Ms. Barbara Schett. She is an Austrian and is now considered to be the next to Anna Kournikova. She does play some good tennis and should be experienced enough by next year to challenge some good players. She is currently seeded No. 21 on the ATP tour. Well I had seen many skin for Anna but couldn’t find some for her (Barbara) So I decieded to make one of my own. Although I admit the skin is not as good as the Liz Hurley skin, but the simplicity of the skin makes it feel good.

I was looking for more photos of Barbara but couldn’t find them. This one was the one I could skin for winamp. As well barbara looks greeaattt!! in this photo. Any one who can find a better photo than this one please send it to me.

Barbara Schett skin
Yasmin Bleeth Skin

I wanted to skin someone of the Baywatch series,I found that there are numerous of skins devoted to Pamela Anderson. but could find some bad skins for this talented beauty. I thought of making skin for Gena Lee Nolin on my friend’s advice but I coudln’t find a good photo of her ideal for converting into a skin. Yasmin Bleeth is a talented actress as well. So …

You don’t have to be a teen to get attracted to this skin, Just look at it!!??. Do I have to explain why it is … Go on download it.

Somehow this skin is not doing well on the I personally feel people have lost interest in the ex Baywatch star or may be they just don’t want to have another Baywatch star as a skin.

Martina Hingis skin

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