Naneghat Trek

Had been to this trek in the Malshej ghat region, to Naneghat. This ghat was extensively used in pre-British rule as a trade-route between the Deccan plateau and the Konkan Strip.

A special tax was also levied, and nane (Coins) were collected as tax, Any type of good was eligible as tax, from gold coins to cereals and grains.


… Traveling directions and more …


Travelling Directions

  • Get to Kalyan Station
  • Board bus that goes to Nagar via the Malshej ghat, Please cross check the local bus guys as well
  • When the ghat is just about to begin, dead between the highway is a signboard, Naneghat. Since most of the guys for this trek would be doing it at the night, Please make sure that you are alert to spot the signboard
  • From there onwards there is a trail for about 2 – 2 1/2 hrs, the first hour being a very simple trail, with only the last hour or so turning into a climb …

Totally Enjoyable

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