Apache beginings

For guys who have reached here, but still don’t know what httpd is,
Apache is a web server, For all the web pages, websites, blogs, image galleries that are hosted on the web, there needs to be server who “serves” these documents (pages, images, files) to the client (the user’s browser)

Apache got its name from … well… its nothing but a “A patchy server”, httpd apache is an open-source project, which was programmed by many programmers over the world. And everytime a bug-fix, a new feature was required, the main code was just “patched”. And hence it got its name Apache.

Apache being a standard web-browser, runs on port 80, this is the standard HTTP port. Before you begin ahead, let me warn you changing the settings of Apache can change the way a website behaves, and to edit its settings you need root access or Administrator access.

To control apache, you basically need to edit 2 important files “httpd.conf” and “.htaccess”

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