Adding Fedora 9 DVD as repository

Adding a Fedora 9 DVD as a yum repository is extremely easy in Fedora 9.

For slow internet connections, using yum could be pain, as most of the software can be installed from the DVD itself. But yum resolves dependencies from the net. Adding a Fedora 9 DVD as a repository is like a boon to such users.

Follow the steps using a root user

  1. Pop in your Fedora 9 DVD, It should be automatically mounted on /media/Fedora 9 i386 DVD/ folder
  2. Create a new file fedora-dvd.repo in /etc/yum.repos.d/ folder.
  3. Put the following contents in the file
    name=Fedora 9 DVD
  4. Disable fedora.repo and fedora-updates.repo, by assigning the parameter enabled=0.
  5. Run the command yum repolist
    You should be able to see fedora-dvd as enabled.

Thats should be it. You are free to install packages from the DVD directly.

Fedora 6 Hindi Support with SCIM – फेडोरा 6 और हिंदी

Fedora 6 gives one of the best support for Indic (Indian – South Asian) languages. It compiles its default Web Client, and Mail client with Pango Support to enable the complex rendering of the Indic fonts. The Default Firefox and Thnderbird thus harness the true power.

SCIM in GNOME’s System Tray
SCIM’s Toolbar

Enabling Hindi Support

Login as a root user, and then use the following command.
yum groupinstall <language>-support
In case of Hindi, I’ve used, yum groupinstall hindi-support

This will install basically three things.

  • Hindi fonts
  • SCIM, Simple Common Input Method
  • Open Office Hindi Language Pack

Once done, Just run scim-setup from the console, to setup the SCIM for the first time, and then Log-off and log-in again.